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Stylia S.r.l. since 20 years buy directly the surplus of stocks by suppliers (or manufacturers) of more important brands in fashion to resell at retailers, of all dimension, specialized in reduction selling, or sold

Our Society Stylia S.r.l., born in 1995 from passion for fashion by Michele Di Leva and his wife Maria Lucilla Dulzia, well-experienced in this sector since 1973. They had intuition before others competitors, to understand the direction of market. They understood that market was interested in brand, to recognize a status symbol, rather the product quality, like the textile or excessive care of productive process. . The market that we are referring started to buy commons idea, brand became more important than “Made in”, and actually is rare that people choose which product buy on the base od fabrication provenance.

To give a more define idea, about the socio-cultural contest and on the phenomenon that we have already described, at that moment cinese manufacturers found a possibility that the took, to address themselves to the Europe and American market, like also brands as Zara and H&M they found a public ready to accept theirs offers.

The direction of company was clear: sell the product that market wants.

At those point the vision of Stylia S.r.l. became an important base for progressive and exponential success that carried the society to work in 98% of cases with extra-Italia market.. Mission is easy: we work to give to retailers in fashion the better product possible sell at the best price that guarantee to the retailer, an easy to be competitive on market and the public. Every is clear: in the future most of retailers in fashion will guide 80% of their buy to retailers that offers a micro-choice and always with ready delivery.

The economics objectives are concrete: maintain an reasonable complessive increase on what is buy that give to the company the possibility to be always at the top thanks to the hight turnover. On this basis Michele DI Leva had the idea to replace the stock excess of important brands. Important brands, as also bis distribution, have a percentage of goods unsold.

This percentage go goods, in a globalized market where an outplacement of good give even just virtual a continued actualization, become precious for subjects that weren’t able to collocate themselves between demand and offer. Starting on this facts and thanks to the diligence in the publics relations with directions of more important brands he gave to his company a unit offer for convenience and quality. The character of the company maintained by all staff, young, dynamic and determinate, today directed by passion and voluntary of Erika and Fabio DI leva, that can run selling of more or less 700’000 articles per year, and it is in this context that in recent years the companies Foe S.r.l. and Styliafoe S.r.l. have been established