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Terms and conditions of use of the Website

FOE S.r.l. (“Foe”) the main business, is the articles’ wholesale clothing for men, women and children. Regarding this business we manage this Website “www.styliafoe.com” (il “Sito”).

Consult and access at the Website is object of rules applicable and entail unconditionally agreement of Terms and Conditions here followed and the inefficacy and the invalidation of all other different deals between visitor’s Website and Foe.

The website is Foe’s S.r.l. property (“Foe”), is the owner of all intellectual property rights related to this Website, that are uphold by laws and treaties that have for subject copyright at global level. This rights are completely reserved. All contains of Website, except where is expressly motioned, are of property of Foe and are protected by nationals and internationals laws on copyright and they can not be used, if not asforeseen on this Terms and Conditions or in terms and following procedure contents in others parts of Websites, without write authorization by Foe.

Is forbidden distribute, modify, broadcast, recycle, resend, totally or a part, of any contents of the present website without write authorization of Foe. The visitor can not download texts, pictures, audio and videos And/or others contents of website. The website is addressed only to legal entities, that have VAT for intracommunitary companies, that to access they have te signed up.

Foes is not responsible for eventual violation of rights of third by visitors that are a consequence of improper use of materials inside Website. At the visitor is recognized no rights of economics exploitation of licenses, technologies, products, processes, or any other property right of Foe’s materials or of thirds parts contents on the Website. At the visitor is not allowed or conferred licenses or tights on informations or authors’s rights of Foe or others parts. Foe is not responsible of eventually violations of rights of thirds parts of visitors that are a consequence of improper use of materials on the Website. At the visitor is not recognized any right of economics exploitation of licenses, technologies, products, processes, or any other property right Foe’s or thirds that are mentioned on the Website. At the visitor is not allowed or conferred licenses or rights about information or not author rights of Foe or other parts.

Foe can change, correct, enhance texts and others contents of the Website in any moments without notification. Foe have no responsibility related to mistakes or omissions contents on the Website and don’t give guarantee or declarations concerned the precision of informations mentioned. Foe is not responsible about flaw accuracy, completeness, adequacy, promptness of informations on the Website, neither for eventual damages or virus that can affect the informatics equipment or other property of visitor in consequence at the access, utilization or web surfing or consultation of material, dates, texts, pictures, videos or audio on the Website. Foe have the right to interrupt or suspend in any moment the function of the Website with no responsibility on charge, fon any possible consequence of actions or omissions of Foe or of thirds parts.

Any questions, comment, suggestion or data transmitted to the Website by e-mails or by any other method will be treated by Foe by his customer services for management of Website, as no confidential and no protected, safe other indication. Any document that will be transmitted to Foe will become to property of Foe and will can be use for any use included and no limited to copy, divulgation, transmission, publication or sending. Foe is free to use any idea, concept, know-how contents in any communication that will be send to the Website for any objective included the development or production and offer of product on the marketplace using those informations.

Connections at this Website are allowed only at the home page and don’t imply, by Foe, any con division of contents of Website that could activate a connection. The connection at intern pages of Website can be allows only previous signing up at this Website. Foe is not responsible for further connections to others websites and, particularly, for the accuracy and correspondence to the applicable rule and of the contents.

The visitor will have to preserve unharmed Foe by any complaint, damages, responsibility, trials, and by any damaging consequence that can be related to the use of services on Website by the visitor. What is up mentioned is related also at any action in contrast with the author rights, brand, licenses, intellectual and industrial protection and unfair competition or defamation.

Foe can in any moment review this Terms and Conditions updating this page. The visitor have to consult periodically consult this Terms and Conditions to find out about updating. Foe S.r.l. Copyright© 2015 Foe