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Anonymous data and "Cookies"

The majority of informations that Foe collet on the Website are anonymous, as the informations about pages seen and about requests made.

The anonymous informations are used by Foe to improve contents of the website to make aggregate statistics about people that visit our Website, only for intern objective.

In reference to this activity, Foe can install “cookies”.

In this note about cookie we describe the utilization of cookie and others similar technologies in our Website, to collect automatically some informations about visitors. We explain also the options that users have to accept or refuse cookie and give useful recommendation to find more informations about cookie.

What are cookie?

Cookie are little texts files that are installed on the user computer when he/she visit a website. Cookies are largely used by lots of owners to increase the efficiency of website and to obtain informations about the number and the typology of visitors.

Cookies are insert by the owner of the website (in this case, omi.com) they are define “cookies of first part”. Cookies that are insert by different people and not by the owner are called “cookies of third parts”. Cookies of third part are used to enable different functions (as analytics functions, advertisement and video) and make it available on the website or through it. The people that set up cookie of third part will be able to recognize the user computer when the user accede at the website and also when he visit others websites.

Why we use cookie?

Cookies are useful to collect informations on people that visit our Website. Those datas could include details on IP address, on the type of browser and on the resolution of screed, and many others informations on the habits and preferences of user, like the languages used and pages visited more frequently.

Those informations are useful for us to understand the interests of visitors and give them a better service. In any case, the informations collected don’t give us a PMI to determinate the effective identity of visitors, just in case of they give us voluntary they personal data.

In the next chart are reported different types of cookie that we use on our Website and their function:

Types of cookie Who give this cookies What are using for
Cookie to evaluate performances and functions PMI (cookie of firs part) Those cookies are used to optimize the performances and functions of our website, but they aren’t necessary for his use. By the way, whiteout those, some functions like the preferences on the language could result not available.
Analytics cookies Google (cookie of third part) Those cookies are useful to collect datas that are used in aggregate form to have an overall on the employment of the Website. For this objective, we use cookie of Google Analytics.
To have more informations on Google Analytics and about how refuse his cookies, it’s possible to refers to: Protection of data

The Website include specifics advertisement?

No at the momenti, on our Website there are no cookies for specifics advertisement and we don’t allow the insertion by no partner of third parts.

How to control cookie?

The users have the right to choose if they want accept or refuse cookie. To exercise this right, user have only to visit our Tool for the acceptance of cookies and indicate the personal settings. The user can also express his preferences making click on connections given on the previous chart to refuse the different cookies.

It is also possible set up or modify browser’s controls for acceptation or refusal cookies. This procedure can change to a browser to another browser, so we suggest to read the menu of the browser’s Guide to obtain further details. Note: If the user decide to not accept cookie, some functions of the Website could not run correctly.

Where obtain further information

In case of questions or comments on the Cookie’s Informative, you can write at the address that are mentioned in the paragraph “Ownership of personal datas” or sending an e-mail at this address: legal@styliafoe.com